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Gladys Bentley – Singing the Hokum Blues

Gladys Bentley was an outrageous, cross-dressing lesbian blues singer and piano player. Wearing her tuxedo and top hat, she sang hokum blues in the New York gay club scene in the late 1920’s… Continue reading

The Magic of the Beatles by Chelsea

The first time I heard the Beatles’ music, I was hooked. There’s magic in their music that reaches everyone, that never expires. The Beatles’ magic, however, goes so much deeper than their music.… Continue reading

Lady Sings the Blues by Allie Michelle

Billie Holiday’s reedy, melancholy voice captures the essence of the Blues unlike any other vocalist. She did more than hit the notes. She possessed a rare gift to express the emotion behind the… Continue reading

Me and the Devil Blues… by Allie Michelle

Me and the Devil Blues: The Legend of Robert Johnson Many consider Robert Johnson (May 8, 1911 – August 16, 1938) one of the best and most influential musicians of all time. His music… Continue reading