The Magic of the Beatles by Chelsea

The first time I heard the Beatles’ music, I was hooked. There’s magic in their music that reaches everyone, that never expires. The Beatles’ magic, however, goes so much deeper than their music. They truly epitomize the 60s. The 60s were such a fascinating time—a time of freedom, self-expression, and self-discovery. With that much creativity in the air, it’s no surprise that style and fashion took center stage. Style is music’s natural complement, and it’s no surprise that the Beatles had their fair share of style as part of their magic as well.

The Beatles’ style choices mimic the music they created at stages of their career. Most people remember two main style phases/music phases of the Beatles—the rock-pop beginning and the psychedelic experimental phase. The second phase is the more creative, more interesting choice style wise to be sure. But the first phase was full of timelessness that still translates today. Both phases can inspire style choices of your own.

Rock-Pop Beginning

First, the hair that everyone mimicked in the 1960s—the mop-top.


The Beatles hair with this cut is very relaxed, perfectly messy. For the 1960s it was also extremely controversial. At a time when neat, slicked back hair was the norm, the mop-top just screamed trouble. It’s just very….rock & roll. It’s easy to see this inspiration in hair styles today. (See pictured below, Carey Mulligan and Ashton Kutcher with a carefree hair style.) Using a relaxed hair style is very boho chic, and can make almost any outfit feel effortless and stylish.

tousled-hair-2   ashton-kutcher-long-hair

Next, the clothes. In the early years, The Beatles would primarily wear black and grey, Edwardian collarless suits. This was an adaption of the Mod youth suit style, then at its peak in the UK. The overall look during the early years was a timeless, classic look.

Today, women-in-menswear is a huge go-to look, especially for working, professional women. By using this classic Beatles look as inspiration when going for this trend, you can accomplish some of your own timeless magic.


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Psychedelic Experimental Phase

In 1965, The Beatles were introduced to LSD at the home of George Harrison’s dentist when his dentist slipped it into their coffee. So began their experimental phase in music and fashion. During this phase, the boys often wore bright colors, paisley suits, and floral patterns. They also donned Indian-influenced fashions such as collarless shirts and sandals. Mod style and boho-chic both have roots here.

BEATLES in their Apple offices in Saville Row, London, for  the launch of Sgt Pepper in June 1967

Today’s fashion trends such a mixing patterns and color blocking are good outlets to use this Beatles phase as inspiration.

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The Women beside The Beatles

Fascinating, stylish women stood behind the Beatles during all of their phases. For more mod style and inspiration, look to these women.


Pattie Boyd, George Harrison’s wife and later Eric Clapton’s wife, was a model and a fashion icon of her own during the 60s.


Jane Asher, Paul McCartney’s long-time girlfriend, represented a 60s style icon in her own right.

Let the Beatles inspire you. Incorporate their ideas and style into not only your fashion, but your life.

And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make. – from The End by The Beatles


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