Monthly Archive: October, 2013

Haunted New Orleans by Allie Michelle

New Orleans, Louisiana – home to Jazz, Cajun Cuisine, and the annual Mardis Gras debauchery also charms the world with its legends of the occult and the paranormal. Voodoo magic and ghostly sightings… Continue reading

Me and the Devil Blues… by Allie Michelle

Me and the Devil Blues: The Legend of Robert Johnson Many consider Robert Johnson (May 8, 1911 – August 16, 1938) one of the best and most influential musicians of all time. His music… Continue reading

Mugshot Mondays: The Soap Maker of Correggio by Linda

Leonarda Cianciulli was a bitter soul from the moment of her tragic birth. Born April 14, 1894 in Montella, Italy, as a product of rape, Leonarda grew up without the proper love from… Continue reading

The Art of Vintage Part II by Allie Michelle

Read Part I here. The Pin-Up The Pin-Up pushed the envelope in terms of sexual expression. Seductive with a sweet side, she is the original sex symbol; edgy, flirty, sexy – and not… Continue reading

Ghost Town of the Wild West by Linda

Somewhere in the hills of Mono County, California sits an abandoned ghost town known as Bodie. With about 100 buildings still remaining, Bodie became recognized as a National Historic Landmark and has been… Continue reading

Mugshot Mondays: Kray Twins by Linda

Young, fresh faces with a life ahead of them. You might think, “Oh look, here are two dorky twins that probably spent most of their days in some fancy prep school fulfilling their… Continue reading

The Art of Vintage Part I by Allie Michelle

Vintage Fashion (v n t j): Characterized by excellence, maturity, and enduring appeal; classic. Vintage fashion for women has an appeal as well as a mystique. There exists a certain fascination associated with… Continue reading